Annual Chapter Meeting in December

For our December meeting we will have Brad Dunkle from Wildwood Anglers speak about Steelhead fishing in the Lake Erie Tributaries. Brad will discuss where to fish, when to fish, and talk about the techniques he uses to catch Steelhead. Brad will show us how to rig for a successful day of fishing. In addition, he will talk about some great gear he has in his shop and hopefully have a few things to show us!


In addition to Brad's presentation, we will also have our chapter's annual meeting with a brief presentation about the chapter's activities over the last year and some of our plans for the coming year. We also have a couple of important items to vote on, including an amended charter for our club.


The business meeting should be short; the steelhead presentation should be fun!


We will also be doing our fly raffle again. Bring one of your favorite flies attached to a 3x5 index card or similar (we'll have some on site) with your name and the name of the fly on the card. We'll put the flies in a bag and draw one out at the end of the meeting. If your fly is drawn you win all of the flies!


This meeting is free and open to the public.


The Agenda is as follows:

6:00 PM Dinner

6:45 Annual Meeting

  • President's Annual Report
  • Treasurer's Annual Report
  • Brief discussion and vote on chapter bylaws revision
  • If revised bylaws are passed, there will be a vote on revised board member terms.

7:15 Presentation by Brad Dunkle