Veterans Fly Fishing Event

Classroom Topics Covered:
A guide to equipment, including rods, reels, fly line, leaders & tippet.
Choosing the right fly equipment.
Matching the fly line, leader and tippet to the situation.
Basic fly fishing knots
Finding fish 
If you have a rod, reel and line you are welcome to bring them. If not, we will have all the necessary equipment available for use in the class and while fishing.
A couple housekeeping items that may seem helpful. We realize you are probably fairly new to this great sport and we are committed to making it fun, laidback and meaningful to you all. The value that many of us get while we are out on the water cannot be understated. It is simply magical what it can do to your mood and life in general.
There is always the chance that we will experience rain, cold, wind or whatever. The mission is a go regardless so please wear clothing to address any weather circumstance.
If you have waders, hip boots or high waterproof boots bring them along - always a chance of coming out with wet feet but we have guides that will handle landing fish so unless there is a slip you're pretty safe and will come out dry. We will fish in a stocked lake with several varieties of fish but we'll target trout and hopefully bring some to the net.